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What works best supports great teaching

New professional learning on the eight What works best themes is available throughout Term 3.

Image: New resources and videos for teachers will be released each week.

The Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation has released a 2020 update of its most popular research report, What works best.

Building on the evidence base of the original 2014 report, this revised research outlines eight themes of effective teaching practices that, when used together, enhance student outcomes and drive school improvement.

Updates to What works best include:

  • ‘Assessment’ as an eighth effective teaching strategy, recognising the importance of continually assessing where individual students are in their learning;
  • Feedback from ongoing surveying such as Tell Them From Me, and case studies from high-growth schools;
  • A practical guide and reflection toolkit providing teachers with guidance on how to incorporate these themes in the classroom.

Since its release in April, the 2020 resources have already been downloaded more than 28,000 times. This is an extraordinary testament to the confidence our schools have in the What works best effective teaching practices.

To help you connect with the research and develop a shared understanding across your school, throughout Term 3 I will be unpacking one of the eight What works best themes each week. In video conversations, I’ll be talking with principals, teachers and students, reflecting on how What works best practices are supporting learning in their school. Each week you can access new videos and resources including links to registered self-paced MyPL courses.

Wherever you are in your professional practice, I strongly encourage you to reflect on the themes of What works best and how they can support the learning of your students.

Keep an eye on the What works best update over Term 3 and beyond. Whether you are refreshing your knowledge of What works best or are new to the report, you will find useful strategies that can guide your teaching practice and a framework for implementing those strategies in your 2021 – 2024 school plan.

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