Walcha students learn lifelong skills

Precision and problem-solving were on the agenda for Walcha Central School’s Trade Readiness Program. Kristi Pritchard-Owens reports.

Students sitting and standing for a photo. Students sitting and standing for a photo.
Image: Students at Walcha Central School were invited to test their carpentry skills as part of a Trade Readiness Program.

Walcha Central students were given a taste of what a career in carpentry could look like as part of the school’s Trade Readiness Program.

A local carpenter with 40 years’ experience guided year 9 and 10 students through trade basics, such as the 3-4-5 rule and how to accurately use a spirit level.

“Knowing how to do this is critical. These are crucial skills that are some of the first things an apprentice learns,” Walcha Central School woodwork teacher Tony Bozza said.

“You have to get all your measurements right before you start building, otherwise it will turn out rough and crooked.

“The students really enjoyed the experience and benefited from the expertise and support.”

The course also taught the budding carpenters about safe work practices and handling of tools.

Students also completed a small project - a seat with planter boxes - which will be placed in the school.

Program participants received a certificate for their portfolios and the satisfaction of seeing their hard work put to good use.

“As students worked towards completing the project, it was delightful to see their teamwork skills developing,” Mr Bozza said.

“There was also the chance to problem solve and communicate their ideas to each other.

“These are all valuable skills which make them more employable.”

The course was provided free of charge in conjunction with Regional Industry Education Partnerships.

A girl using a drill in a wooden box. A girl using a drill in a wooden box.
Image: Students learned about 3-4-5 rule and how to accurately use a spirit level among other skills.
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