Unique world view helps Huntah shine

Manilla Central School student Huntah Hawkins has won a major art prize for his photography using drone technology.

Image: Self-portrait by Manilla Central School student Huntah Hawkins using drone technology.

The stunning drone photography of a Manilla Central School student has been recognised with a major art prize.

Huntah Hawkins was named the overall winner of iCare's 2022 Shine Art Prize for people living with injury or illness.

The 18-year-old was seriously injured in a car crash when he was four, affecting his ability to speak.

Huntah controls the drone using a joystick attached to his wheelchair.

“I have a different view to the ordinary, and the drone helps me show my view,” Hunter told ABC Radio.

“Being an artist helps me express to others how I view the world. It gives me freedom, control and power of expression.”

Manilla Central School art and photography teacher, James Galloway, has encouraged Huntah to pursue his love of photography and drone technology.

“It gives Huntah autonomy,” he said.

“He has an interest in photography and I have as well. We started by taking photos at the school cross country.

“I’m incredibly proud of what he’s achieved. Seeing his potential and to get that recognition and affirmation to say what you’re doing is great.”

Huntah said he intended to spend the prize money from his award on a cruise to New Zealand where he hoped to take more incredible drone photos.

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