Teachers excited to join their students in class

It’s not just stressed parents who are looking forward to children returning to school: it’s also the teachers who love their job.

Image: Instructional Leader at Warwick Farm Public School, Lili D’Cruz

Instructional Leader at Warwick Farm Public School, Lili D’Cruz, has missed the noisy excitement that comes with seeing their students return to the classroom after three months of lockdown.

“I’m really looking forward to re-engaging and reconnecting with our students and their families,” said Ms D’Cruz.

“I’m so happy that the return to school has been brought forward as it gives us some extra days to thrive in the classroom before the end of the year.”

While it might be obvious that lessons involving movement, science experiments, drama and many arts subjects are very difficult to do at home, Ms D’Cruz said the instant feedback from collaborative learning was richer in a classroom.

“In the classroom we could have a whole-class discussion on how to solve a maths problem for example, as well as a huge variety of peer interaction and collaboration,” she said.

Ms D’Cruz said encouragement and corrections, for example in reading, happened much more effectively face to face.

This meant children could learn faster, highlighting the importance of the return to the classroom.

“To their credit, families have been so supportive to make sure education and learning is continuing at home. Students are submitting work, and our teachers are giving timely feedback. But nothing beats the efficiency of face-to-face learning,” she said.

Schools will begin their return to face-to-face learning today for Kindergarten, Year 1 and HSC students, and all other students on 25 October.

Parents are encouraged to look at their school website, Facebook page or newsletters to learn about COVID-safe plans for their school, such as changes to parents’ access to school grounds, drop off and pick up points as well as new safety and hygiene rules.

“I’m really looking forward to the noise of social interaction! The school has been a sombre place without the sound of children in the playground,” Ms D’Cruz said.

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