Students take us on tour of a wild planet

As we celebrate International Museum Day this week, filmmaker students from Elderslie High School review the Australian Museum in Sydney.

Watch student filmmakers from Elderslie High review the Australian Museum.

The animals may have been stuffed, but Elderslie High students have channelled their inner David Attenborough to document life in the newly renovated Australian Museum.

The students were challenged to film a student review at the museum using the skills they learned in the student filmmaker online course from the department’s Technology 4 Learning team.

The Year 9, 10 and 11 students went behind the scenes of the museum to record footage of the exhibits and explore the museum which first opened in 1827.

Focusing on the Wild Planet exhibition, the students researched exhibits and interviewed museum staff about their role and work.

Following a one-day filming shoot, the group then edited the footage into a six-minute video review showcasing the best the museum has to offer.

Year 10 student Claire Stanley said it was a fun and creative learning experience visiting and interviewing museum staff.

“It’s a really good opportunity and because it’s student-led, I really got to think about what I wanted to do instead of just listening to someone else,” Claire said.

Samuel Hannaford in Year 11 worked behind the camera practising the skills he learned in several subjects at school.

“I used techniques I had learned in Entertainment Industry and Visual Arts lessons when we were filming,” Samuel said.

Elderslie High School teacher Rhyss Webb said the filmmaking process was a creative approach that could be incorporated into any key learning area.

“You’re building creativity with students and showing collaborative learning. This is building their skills for the future, while linking it to lesson content,” Mr Webb said.

The student’s Australian Museum video review coincides with the release of a SITU360 video tour.

The virtual tour focuses on the museum’s palaeontology collection and features interviews with experts and behind the scenes access to the collection.

Student Voices

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