Students’ aspirations an inspiration for Governor

Students at Tenterfield High have impressed the Governor of NSW with their ambitious aspirations and motivation during her recent visit to the school.

Image: Year 12 students Samantha Gower and Jemma Sutcliffe found the Governor of NSW Her Excellency Margaret Beazley AC QC interested and easy to talk to.

Her Excellency and her husband, Dennis Wilson, spent time at Tenterfield High as part of an extensive tour of rural NSW talking to people affected by the recent bushfires and ongoing drought.

Tenterfield High Principal Sandra Rosner asked the Governor to share with students how her own career evolved.

"Her Excellency detailed her journey from humble beginnings to attainment of the highest office in NSW, " Ms Rosner said.

"She engaged and delighted students with her good humoured recount of her dreams and 'Plan Bs'.

"She showed a genuine interest in the students' aspirations and their plans to make their own dreams succeed. "

Her Excellency was most impressed by a group of Year 7 students working on a REAL (rigorous, engaging, authentic learning) project focused on the guiding question: "What would a colony on the moon look like? ".

Asked their ambitions the group nominated robotics engineers, astrophysicist, paediatrician and a career in chemistry.

"These were Year 7 kids, " Her Excellency said. " That is just terrific.

"They are a really engaged group of kids. "

Her Excellency was also taken by the aspirations and motivation of other students that she spoke to at the school.

Ms Rosner said the school was fortunate to have on staff the 2019 Careers Adviser of the Year, Helen Clothier, who is leading an initiative that exposes rural and remote students to a vast range of local, national and international career, training and study opportunities.

The school also conducts an exciting Student Employability pilot that maps students' needs and interests and then connects individual students with free mentoring with industry-based and academic experts in their chosen fields.

Samantha Gower, who along with fellow Year 12 student Jemma Sutcliffe, spoke with the Governor in a Family and Community Services class illustrated the boundless ambitions of Tenterfield High students.

"When I finish school, I would like to go to uni and study psychology, " Samantha said.

"I would then like to work in Canada where I have been as an exchange student last year."

Samantha said she loved speaking to the Governor because she made her feel comfortable and supported.

"The Governor was nice and bubbly, easy to talk to and interested in everything we had to say, " Jemma added.

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