Student musician on a roll with song challenge

A Bega High School student has written a song about the coronavirus object of obsession – toilet paper – and challenged others to make a cover version.

Image: Bega High Year 10 Student Sam Quast has issued a challenge to others to create cover versions of his toilet paper song.

Toilet rolls have not only become a treasured household item but also a creative springboard for a Bega High School student musician.

Year 10 student Sam Quast has written a quirky little song about toilet paper and his mother, Tash, a teacher at the school, posted it on the school's Facebook page.

He then issued a challenge for others in and outside the school community to come up with their own versions of the song.

Bega High Head Teacher Student Welfare Mark Freedman said the response has been great with Bega High staff, students and former students posting their versions.

“It’s a cool song; we put it out there for a bit of fun in times that aren’t so fun,” he said.

“We’ve even had a version from staff at Gilmore Public School in the ACT where we have some former Bega High students among them.”

Sam’s mother, Tash, said the main reason for Sam writing his songs was to make people happy and help them smile, “especially at times like this”.

“Sam has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) so he tries to help people understand more about it and increase the awareness and acceptance of ASD both at school and in the broader community,” she said.

“He tries hard to help people see that ASD is just a difference not something bad. He is part of the school SRC and last year received the Positive Role Model Award in Year 9.”

Sam said he wrote the song at the height of the toilet paper panic buying at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia.

“I thought it was all a bit silly that people were buying a lot of toilet paper and I wanted to make people laugh about it and bring a smile to people's faces,” he said.

Sam said all the cover versions of his song were “really good”.

Tash said Sam is also obsessed with The Wiggles and the group has been a big influence on his songwriting.

“He’s been to around 20 of their concerts and met them when he turned 10,” she said, “He still loves The Wiggles and has started to write lots of catchy songs and hopes to be a musician when he 'grows up'.”

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