School markets showcase creative skills and flair

Nimbin Central School students put their business and entrepreneurial skills to the fore by hosting a community market. Duyen Nguyen reports.

Students holding coloured streamers. Students holding coloured streamers.
Image: Students created and promoted their own products for the markets.

Students at Nimbin Central School have banded together to create a pupil-led community market showcasing their creative talents and entrepreneurial skills.

More than 500 members of the Nimbin community, teachers and students attended the Nimbin Central Community Markets on Friday 4 August, which was curated end-to-end by the students.

Students costed their goods and services, designed stall advertisements and marketed and sold their own products as vendors, in a process that demonstrated their creative, critical-thinking and risk-analysis skills.

The stalls featured products like baked goods, arts and crafts, plants, fashion and pottery.

The markets are supported by the Rural and Remote K-12 Career Education Initiative, which embeds career education into the curriculum and inspires students to consider pathways into further study and training.

Nimbin Central School’s Connected Learning and Support Teacher, Piaf Rengger-Thorpe, said the market offered an excellent opportunity to establish strong relationships with the community, while also encouraging students to find new passions.

“We see the need for students to build skills within the school where they can boost their employability within our community and have a sustainable future. It's been interesting to watch their aspirations grow through this process,” Ms Rengger-Thorpe said.

“A few students realised they have skills in areas they hadn't considered before and are now looking at different avenues to explore.”

While becoming entrepreneurs, the students also honed their teamwork, time management, planning and communication skills, while also developing a strong work ethic.

Ms Rengger-Thorpe said initiatives like the Nimbin Central Community Markets were also crucial in preparing students for future professional opportunities post-school.

An aerial image of marquees on a basketball court. An aerial image of marquees on a basketball court.
Image: More than 500 people attended the school makets.
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