Ruby a Trew Olympic inspiration at Narrabeen Sports High

Two former and one current Narrabeen Sports High School students are Paris-bound after qualifying for the Olympic Games. Ben Worsley reports.

A girl school student holding a microphone A girl school student holding a microphone
Image: Schoolgirl skateboard champ Ruby Trew will live the Olympic dream in Paris

When the nation’s eyes turn to Paris for the 33rd Olympic Games in a few weeks, a high school on Sydney’s northern beaches will have extra reason to pay close attention.

Narrabeen Sports High School has no less than three of its own competing.

And for the first time, a current student will feature – Year 10 skateboarding sensation, Ruby Trew.

“It’s pretty crazy to imagine,” Ruby said.

“It’s definitely a dream come true for me you know; I’ve worked so hard for it and so has my family. It’s amazing.”

The 15-year-old qualified for the Olympic Park Event during a recent competition in Hungary.

It’s still all sinking in.

“I’m just looking forward to representing Australia and Narrabeen Sports High, just being there with my friends and hopefully getting a medal for Australia. It’s the biggest competition in the world so I just can’t believe I’m going!” she said.

Schoolgirls surrounded by other school students Schoolgirls surrounded by other school students
Image: Olympian Ruby Trew surrounded and supported by her school mates

Between her overseas competitions, Ruby’s school held a special assembly to celebrate her remarkable achievement, led by one very proud principal, Heidi Currie.

“The role model she is and how she inspires the other students is just incredible,” Ms Currie said.

“I’m particularly proud of her teachers, her sports coaches, everybody who’s helped her along her learning journey.”

Ruby’s skateboarding coach is her dad, James.

“It’s amazing to have been on the entire journey with her – from when she was five to now going to Olympics, the pinnacle for the sport. Incredible,” he said.

Mr Trew admits it’s sometimes a challenge to combine the skating with the schoolwork.

“It’s a fine balance, obviously being an elite athlete, doing year ten and making time for friends as well, it’s a constant juggling act.

“The way a sports high school like this operates, it gives Ruby the freedom to adjust her workload depending on where she is. If she’s back in Australia she comes to school, if she’s overseas she’ll study online, so having that flexibility at school has been amazing.”

School girl walking out of school School girl walking out of school
Image: Ruby Trew given a huge send off to the Paris Olympics by her school

Principal Heidi Currie says it’s all part of being a specialist public high school.

“We have high potential learning plans so she can get her work done to a level where she can achieve those milestones with all of her friends and graduate and do all those things that she has come to love so dearly here at Narrabeen Sports High.”

Ruby said she couldn’t have gone as far as she had without the school’s help.

“I’m in year 10 so there’s quite a lot of work but the teachers at Narrabeen High have been so great to me. I’ve been away so much this year and they’ve really helped me out when I came back,” she said.

But her dad says priorities will change once the Olympics are out of the way.

“Oh, for sure, she’s got a mountain of work to catch up on!”

Also competing at the Games from Narrabeen Sports High are Liv Lovelace from the class of 2021 in the street skateboarding event and Sariah Paki, who left in 2018, in the Rugby Sevens,

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