Online home for additional HSC student support

Additional support for NSW HSC students is available from today with the new HSC Hub switching on for the first time.

Image: New digital resources will support all HSC students.

HSC students from NSW public schools will have access to the new online platform – a home for support material, online lessons, practice exams, demonstrations and other resources for HSC success.

Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning, Sarah Mitchell, today announced the hub as the next stage of the Learning from home resources created during the pandemic.

“HSC students across the state receive incredible support from their schools and teachers,” Ms Mitchell said.

“We have asked our teachers and principals what else they need to support their HSC students and one of the results is this new hub.

“The silver lining of the pandemic is a turbocharged move to online resource sharing for staff and students.

“This hub is a way to centralise support for our students providing them with a quick and easy point of reference for questions they might have on anything relating to the HSC.”

To date, 815,000 users have accessed the Learning from home hub - the inspiration for the HSC Hub, with 3.2 million page views. Over 485,000 learning resources have been downloaded.

The HSC Hub will house both new material produced by NSW Education as well as curate existing resources to create a central repository of curriculum and support materials, including lectures, online demonstrations, practice exams, assessment resources and video lessons aligned to NESA syllabuses to supplement existing course work.

“A range of high quality, on-demand support modules will be progressively made available to students through the platform from the start of the July school holidays,” Ms Mitchell said.

“We are also investigating other interactive resources which suit the learning styles of our students for release for this HSC cohort before the Term 3 holidays.”

The HSC Hub solution was designed following a survey of HSC teachers through statewide staffrooms across NSW to determine what additional support teachers felt was required for HSC students and what form this support could take.

Ms Mitchell said the HSC Hub also addresses equity concerns for students who’ve been particularly disadvantaged by the recent crises.

NSW Education will ensure that all HSC students have access to the platform so no student is disadvantaged. Solutions to this range from supplying devices and dongles or allowing students in very remote locations access to school facilities to get them online.

“Year 12 students provided with devices and dongles will be allowed to keep them until the completion of their HSC exams and all remaining orders for Year 12 devices and dongles will be delivered before the July holidays,” Ms Mitchell said.

“The devices will ensure students have ongoing access to support from their teacher and the ‘HSC hub’ right through to the HSC exams.”

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