No masking this COVID-safe message

Charlestown South Public School has given its school sign a face lift for a good cause, writes Sven Wright.

Image: Picture paints a thousand words: The school sign promotes mask wearing.

You learn best when you’re having fun, right? That’s why Charlestown South Public School chose to get the mask message across on its school sign in a way no words could match.

With all the school’s learning from home messages well delivered, principal Colin Johnson wanted the school’s sign to convey some of the bigger picture messaging.

“With an oversized pair eyes, a tarpaulin with a big ball underneath for a nose, we turned our school into a giant COVID-safety billboard,” Mr Johnson said.

“We’ve had nothing but positive feedback: some people take it light heartedly, some have congratulated us on delivering what’s a very serious message, but they’ve all welcomed it, and it’s generated a lot of talk in the community – exactly what we wanted.”

The school’s Facebook post about the sign reached nearly 13,000 people.

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