New teachers raring and ready to hit classrooms

More than 60 new teachers faced their classes for the first time today across The Ponds Network this week. Olivia Grey reports.

Image: First-day excitement: Teachers from the Ponds network who began teaching in their first permanent roles this year.

Mid-career changers and new graduates gathered at Rouse Hill Public School, on Dharug Country, to mark their first week on the job as teachers.

Joanne Wilcher, Director, Educational Leadership for The Ponds Network was ecstatic to meet with so many new teachers with strong passions for education.

“It was fabulous to be able to chat to so many new teachers and hear about what brought them to teaching. Along with new graduates, we had mid-career teachers, some of whom had previous careers in policing, admin or school support, and I’m thrilled that they’ve found their way to teaching,” Ms Wilcher said.

“The diversity amongst the group, and the state’s new teachers more widely, is such an asset for our students. The variety of experiences amongst teachers is invaluable. I can’t wait to see this cohort of teachers thrive in the classroom.”

New graduate Grace Kaw was ready to meet her Year Five class today at Ironbark Ridge Public School, and already felt supported by her leadership team.

“My school has been so supportive. There’s a lot of teachers among the staff who were in the same boat as me only a few years ago so having them to guide me is really exciting. I’ve already had so much help and I’m thrilled to meet my class and start my career,” Ms Kaw said.

“I’ve been assigned a beginning teacher mentor who is there to assist me in any way she can. I’m so excited to start at a school where so much guidance and support is provided for new teachers.”

For Ms Kaw, the most exciting part of beginning her teaching career was the opportunity to shape the next generation of students.

“Personally, I’m honoured that we are able to play such a huge role in the lives of children during a really formative time. Primary school sets a foundation for students to value and love learning, and I can’t wait to encourage that among my kids.”

A common theme among the new teachers was the inspiration they found in their teachers growing up. From favourite Year 4 teachers to phenomenal PE teachers, many named their past educators as the reason they chose teaching as a profession.

“It would be amazing to instill such a love of learning in a student that they go on to become a teacher,” Ms Kaw said.

Devinda Senarath is starting a new role at Galungara Public School after a career change from a police officer to a teacher.

“I was just ready for a change and teaching felt like a natural fit. I really enjoyed working with kids and the community engagement aspect of policing, and teaching combines both those areas,” Mr Senarath said.

The Ponds Network, comprised of schools from Marsden Park to Vineyard, will have one of the highest numbers of new teachers in the state.

“I’m really excited to get into the classroom. It’s such a fantastic opportunity to be able to shift careers and I can’t wait to see where teaching takes me,” Mr Senarath said.

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