New strategy puts regional students front and centre

Policy initiative puts focus on raising regional, remote and rural students’ educational outcomes.

Image: Front and centre: New policy aims to bridge the city-country divide.

The NSW Government has today launched a new strategy to ensure regional students have access to all the education opportunities NSW can offer.

The strategy focuses on attracting more high-quality teachers to the bush, support for their professional development, improved digital access and wellbeing support for rural and remote public schools.

Deputy Premier John Barilaro and Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning Sarah Mitchell today announced the Rural and Remote Education Strategy, which will support the Economic Vision for Regional NSW.

“The NSW Government is committed to turning our country towns into thriving hubs and that starts with our young people,” Mr Barilaro said.

“As a regionally based MP I know that historically students in the bush haven’t had the same level of access to facilities and quality education as their peers in the city. This government is changing that by putting country kids front and centre.”

Ms Mitchell also announced today her decision to create the Regional, Rural and Remote Policy Unit.

Ms Mitchell said the new unit would be devoted to raising regional, rural and remote students’ educational outcomes, and implementing the government’s ambitious reform agenda in regional, rural and remote schools.

"I want every student to enjoy the same educational opportunities no matter where they live," Ms Mitchell said.

“Kids in the regions need a team that can drive reforms and implement programs to eliminate the equity gap that exists between the bush and the city.

"When we talk about drought proofing, growing the economy and revitalising regional NSW, we are talking about quality education in the bush.

"The regions need doctors, artists, scientists, teachers, businesspeople and skilled workers, all career paths we can provide for our students in regional NSW."

From increased infrastructure spending, digital intervention, nurturing gifted and talented students, VET integration in senior years and tailored school support through the School Success Model, the regional strategy would target government support where it was most needed.

The strategy coordinates:

  • Delivering more high-quality teachers with an ability to address local needs.
  • Providing training and support for teachers and principals to ensure they always have access to the best professional development relevant to them.
  • Helping schools connect with their communities to ensure student wellbeing is being addressed.
  • Creating pathways through partnerships with local industry, higher education providers and other post-school opportunities.
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