New fire safety education program keeps kids safe

Updated fire safety programs for students have been developed in consultation with the NSW Department of Education.

Children in NSW will be better educated about fire safety and prevention, with the introduction of Fire and Rescue NSW’s updated fire safety programs.

The programs, which are designed to reduce the risk of fire to children aged between 3 and 10 years have been reviewed and supported by the NSW Department of Education.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services David Elliott said he was pleased the programs will be introduced to children during the period they are most at risk.

“Education is the first line of defence against fire-related injuries and fatalities in children,” Mr Elliott said

“Children often have limited knowledge about fire risks and the updated education program will help them avoid starting a fire and teach them the best way to stay safe if one occurs.”

The updated programs consist of four sessions:

  1. A session delivered by a firefighter to teach children important skills in burns first aid;
  2. School fire evacuation drill;
  3. Home Fire Escape Planning; and
  4. How to identify fire hazards in the home.

Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell said the new program would be a fantastic resource for teachers.

“Giving children an understanding of how to stay safe and avoid fire risks from a young age is crucial to keeping them safe,” Ms Mitchell said.

“The updated fire lessons have been developed in consultation with the NSW Department of Education, to ensure the best learning outcomes for children who participate.”

Fire and Rescue NSW Assistant Commissioner Trent Curtin said children are one of the most at-risk groups when it came to the risk of fire, with FRNSW responding to over 8,000 fires caused by children and 12 child fire fatalities in the last five years.

“Fire safety education not only prevents fire, it improves responses to fires and empowers children by providing them with the capacity to make informed decisions, enhancing resilience,” Assistant Commissioner Curtin said.

“These sessions have been designed on the back of extensive evidence based research by professionals and we believe they will go a long way in reducing misuse of fire, fire related injuries and fatalities in children.

To book a fire safety education program at your school, visit the Fire NSW website.

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