Musical tribute to Cobar’s mining history

Students at Cobar High School honour the contribution of miners to the town’s history. Luke Horton reports.

Image: Cobar High students and staff recorded a music video of their song ‘Miners Memorial Song: We Remember Them’.

Students at Cobar High School have recorded a tribute song about the town’s rich mining history.

Fifteen students and teachers Laura Andrew and Cassandra Best spent several days recording the tribute and filming the accompanying music video, which pays homage to the 171 miners killed working in the town’s mines.

“The song’s about how the miners contributed to our town and built it up,” Ms Andrew said.

“We wanted to recognise the incredible contribution they made to our community.

“Through the creative process, students recognise the community spirit that continues today and feel a sense of pride in their town.”

The Cobar Miners Memorial was officially opened in June 2021 in the Cobar Miner’s Heritage Park.

It forms a central focus as part of a collection of artefacts and memorials on the Barrier Highway entry to the Cobar township.

Ms Andrew said the song, ‘Miners Memorial Song: We Remember Them’, was originally written for the opening of the memorial.

“We had lots of families travel back for the opening. Lots of those families had loved ones who had worked in the mines and died in the mines as well,” Ms Best said.

“The students put in a lot of hard work writing the song and we wanted to recognise and capture that, so it can continue to be played.”

She said Cobar Museum Curator Kay Stingemore had been instrumental in the project, sharing stories about the miners and mining history in the region.

The music video can be viewed on the school’s Facebook page.

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