Moree students chopper their way to HSC exams

Trapped by floodwaters, two HSC students secured a unique lift to their exams. Pascal Adolphe writes.

Image: Hitchhiker's guide to the HSC: The SES helped get two Moree students to their exams yesterday.

With their homes surrounded by floodwaters, two Moree Secondary College students were in danger of missing their HSC Hospitality exam yesterday.

But help was soon at hand after Barwon director, educational leadership, Jeremy Mills, used his contacts with the local Emergency Operations Centre to ensure the students got to their exam.

“We managed to get the SES to send a chopper to take the students to the exam,” Mr Mills said.

“They also picked up a student from Mungindi and they’re going to do it again next Monday.”

Mr Mills said although the rain had stopped in the north-west of the State, they were preparing for the impact of the floodwaters “to be felt in the west until Christmas”.

Moree Secondary College executive principal Jennifer Bird said one of the students was from Croppa Creek, which was an hour by road from the school, and the other from West Moree.

“Their properties were on higher ground, but they had no road access to the school,” Ms Bird said. “Most roads now are accessible.”

Unfortunately, one group of Moree students was unable to get to exams on Monday and Tuesday and the school had to apply for a “group misadventure”.

Schools and students across the north-west of the State have been finding innovative ways to minimise the disruption to learning and access to schools caused by the floodwaters.

Read how staff and students have been using planes, four-wheel-drive buggies and kayaks to make the journey to school.

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