Meet and Greet: Introducing Google’s virtual space

Google Meet is now available for students as well teachers, integrating seamlessly with Google Classroom.

Google Classroom is increasingly becoming a one-stop digital shop for remote education, the introduction of the ‘Meet’ function for students set to make learning life that much easier.

In use since the second term of 2015, Classroom has been an invaluable tool, particularly during COVID-19 enforced lockdowns in the state.

However, until now Meet – Google’s real-time video meeting function – had only been available to teachers, with students having to use other technologies such as Zoom for online collaborations.

The technology is a particular boon for remote locations, where connectedness is more important than ever.

Meet can be accessed from Google Classroom, Calendar or the Meet interface itself, making for straightforward use.

Like a number of similar technologies, there’s plenty of control for the host who can take charge of mute functions for a better experience.

The screen can be shared or a ‘Jamboard’ – Google’s interactive whiteboard function can be used concurrently to inspire collaboration.

“The Department’s focus on innovation and providing teachers with effective, integrated tools, backed up by professional learning and support is helping to ensure they can get the most out of the technology available to them,” said NSW Education Secretary Georgina Harrison.

“This is critical even without the challenges of remote teaching or learning, especially in small schools in remote regions.

“These integrated connectivity tools not only open up a whole range of teaching options for isolated students, they also allow for more effective collaboration with colleagues across the state and furthers opportunities for bringing speakers and specialist teachers into their classrooms.”

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