Let the children play this Children's Week

Children’s Week is from 21 to 29 October.

The NSW Government logo overlaying a photo of bags hanging on a wall. The NSW Government logo overlaying a photo of bags hanging on a wall.

The NSW Government is celebrating the right of every child to play and do the things they love this Children’s Week.

Children’s Week is from 21 to 29 October. This year’s theme is ‘Children have the right to relax, play and take part in activities they enjoy’.

Research shows that access to play and relaxation are important parts of healthy human development. Play shapes the way children interact with the world around them. It enables children to learn new skills, make friends and build self-confidence.

The NSW Government has a range of programs to ensure children have the best start in life. Initiatives include Brighter Beginnings, which contains a comprehensive program to provide four-year-old children with a suite of developmental checks before they start school.

Local councils and communities are also supported in creating world-class play spaces through the NSW Government’s Everyone Can Play program.

The Children’s Week Council of Australia strongly advocates for and promotes the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child.

For more information about Children’s Week, visit https://childrens-week.org.au/

Deputy Premier and Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning, Prue Car said:

“The skills and experiences our youngest people gain in their early years lay crucial foundations for learning, wellbeing and success.

“Every child has a right to get the best start in life.

“Early childhood teachers and educators play a crucial part in helping make that that possible - through quality play-based learning, tracking important milestones in development and by listening to and laughing with our youngest learners.”

Minister for Families and Communities, and Minister for Disability Inclusion, Kate Washington, said:

“The NSW Government is committed to building stronger futures for children – laying one big lego brick at a time.”

“All children deserve to play and have fun-filled, happy childhoods. Because through play, children develop the physical and emotional skills they need for life.”

“This Children’s Week, we invite everyone to let the children in their lives know that they’re loved and valued, then let the play begin!”

President of the Children’s Week Council of Australia Robyn Monro Miller said:

"Children's Week is a special time in the Australian calendar where we pause to celebrate Australian children and put the focus on the importance of happy, healthy childhoods.

“In 2023, our theme focuses on the importance of play, relaxation and participation. Research tells us that play is not just fun, but a biological necessity for the healthy development of the brain and body.”

“The importance of play, time to relax and participation in activities can often be overlooked in the lives of children. This Children’s Week we want to put the spotlight back on these three critical elements for the health of our children and our communities. If we want a healthy and socially cohesive community in the future, it starts with healthy and happy children today.”

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