Immediate action on teacher job security

The Labor Government has embarked on fulfilling an election promise to make 10,000 temporary teachers permanent.

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The Minns Labor Government is this week informing hundreds of school communities they will be among the first to benefit from its key election commitment to transition temporary teachers to permanent roles, informing them that around 1400 temporary staff are likely eligible for permanency.

The Government committed before the state election to transition 10,000 temporary teachers onto permanent contracts, along with 6,000 support staff.

Since 2017, just 63 per cent of the teaching workforce in NSW public schools have had the security of a permanent position.

This has made teaching less attractive, hurting teacher and support staff retention rates, while leaving students worse off.

Temporary positions also increase job insecurity, particularly for young teachers, making it much more difficult to get finance for a home or a car, to lay down roots and to start a family.

The Education Minister, Prue Car, instructed her department to begin work on this commitment within days of coming to office.

The Minns Government is now able to write to the principals of about 250 public schools and let them know they will have more permanent teachers.

The scheme will be rolled out in stages. This first priority cohort of schools will focus on some of our highest-need students and communities. It also includes Aboriginal Education Officers, and schools that have desperately struggled to find staff.

Staff who have worked at a single school for at least three years, and are still engaged at that school, will be eligible in the first stage of the scheme.

Once principals confirm the eligibility of their staff, formal offers can be made by the Department of Education to these employees.

Staff included in this priority group are expected to have their first day of permanent duty on day 1, term 3.

The NSW Department of Education will work through the remaining eligible staff in the coming months.

It is expected the full complement of at least 10,000 teachers and around 6,000 support staff who accept this offer will be part of the permanent workforce by the beginning of term 1, 2024.

The offers will not depend on there being a current permanent vacancy at the school.

Additionally, principals have not been restricted in seeking to fill existing permanent vacancies while the initiative has been developed.

NSW Premier Chris Minns said:

“The people teaching our kids deserve to know they’ll have a job next term or next year.

“For young teachers without a permanent position, it makes it more difficult to get a home loan and lay down roots.

“This will give teachers the job security they need to stay in the profession and help turn around teacher shortages.

“The casualisation of teaching has forced thousands of talented teachers to leave the profession.

“The parents and students of NSW deserve a government that will take decisive action to help our schools and kids.”

NSW Deputy Premier, Minister for Education and Early Learning Prue Car, said:

“Getting a permanent position in school will provide that teacher with security and peace of mind allowing them to do the job that the love which is teaching your children.

“This is the first step to delivering on our promise. We want to send a message to teachers that they are valued and appreciated for the important work they do.

“I am so happy to be able to bring about such positive change within the first weeks of my taking on the job as the state’s education minister.”

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