Historic pay rise for NSW teachers lands in accounts

Teachers across NSW will notice an increase in their pay packets this week as the recently negotiated wage rise takes effect.

This week NSW teachers are enjoying more money in their bank accounts, as the State’s educators see the benefits of a historic pay rise delivered to teachers by the Minns Labor Government.

Last month, the Minns Labor Government secured a deal with the Teachers Federation giving a once-in-a-generation pay rise to all of NSW’s 95,000 teachers.

The agreement, endorsed by the Teachers Federation Council, saw teachers’ starting salaries increase from $75,791 to $85,000, and salaries for top-of-the-scale teachers go from $113,042 to $122,100.

This agreement benefits every teacher in NSW, and the new establishment of a seven-step scale ensures all educators are progressing more rapidly through the system, seeing ongoing recognition for their hard work educating the state’s students.

Striking this pay deal was a key election promise of the Minns Labor Government, and is vital to restoring respect to the teaching profession and, crucially, key to attracting more teachers to the profession.

The pay rise took effect from the first pay period after October 9, and increased salaries from this pay period will be paid into those accounts from this week.

This new deal was sorely needed after 12 years of neglect by the Liberals and Nationals, who refused to negotiate a deal with the state’s teachers, and presided over a teacher shortage crisis that saw resignations outstrip retirements for the first time.

The Minns Labor Government is determined to clean up the mess left by the former Government, and we have already made great progress on our suite of measures to restore respect to the teaching profession.

Recently, the NSW Government reached a key target of converting 16,000 temporary teaching and school-based support staff roles from temporary to permanent positions, with more to come.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Education and Early Learning Prue Car:

“Pay is a mark of respect and I am thrilled that this week teachers have woken up to an increased pay packet landing in their bank accounts.

“This pay rise was desperately needed and I am proud the Minns Labor Government was able to deliver this major achievement within our first months in office.

“Striking this deal was vitally important, so our hardworking teachers can see they are respected by their Government, and being paid adequately for the hard work they are doing to educate the state’s students.”

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