Helena toast of the track after world record run

A six-year-old public school student is on top of the world after a remarkable athletic feat. Glenn Cullen reports.

A little girl standing on a running track next to a time keeper and flexing her muscles. A little girl standing on a running track next to a time keeper and flexing her muscles.
Image: Vaucluse Public School's Helena Carey after her world-record run.

Vaucluse Public School’s Helena Carey is officially the fastest six-year-old in the world.

Well, over 300 metres anyway.

The Year 1 student is the talk of Sydney’s eastern suburbs after clocking an international age-best 57.57 seconds in the three-quarter lap.

The unusual distance is favoured by young athletes as they work up the stamina to go full-tilt at the 400 metres.

But it is no throw away event, with world athletics officials keeping track of the best times for the race.

The record had stood for almost eight years, but after a remarkably accomplished introduction to running, it became clear to Helena’s parents their daughter was something special.

And when dad Stefan, a former AFL player, heard about the record, he thought she should give it a crack.

Despite some tricky conditions after a morning of rain at ES Marks Field, Helena ran the race of her life to beat American Bella-Marie Black’s record by more than half a second. Her parents then got the mark officially ratified.

Vaucluse Public principal Nicole Tainsh said the school was right behind their young athletics star.

“Our school community was overwhelmed with excitement and pride in the record-breaking success of Helena,” she said.

“Setting a world record for 300m at the age of six is worthy of a standing ovation!

“However, Helena has taken all the fuss gracefully in her stride. Success in anything is always due to working as a team and we know Helena took to this competition the values of fair play, integrity, and trying your best that are embedded at our school.”

Helena Carey's record-breaking run.
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