Extra time to jump-start curriculum reform

Teachers will be given support and release times from teaching to help them engage with the new K-2 curriculum.

Image: Changes to the K-2 curriculum include a renewed focus on handwriting.

Primary school teachers in NSW public schools will receive extra release time and support to understand and implement curriculum reforms which start in the classroom from next year.

The new K – 2 syllabuses, released last week, are the first stage of the reform with a focus on streamlining content and mastering the basics of reading, writing and maths.

The curriculum release time is in addition to the weekly release time from face-to-face teaching that is provided to all NSW public school teachers.

Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell said the $15 million investment for release time would give primary teachers the opportunity to fully engage with the new curriculum and to maximise the benefits for students.

“We want to ensure that the benefits of the new syllabuses reach students in the classroom, which is why we are providing time in 2022 to enable teachers to successfully implement the new curriculum,” Ms Mitchell said.

“This investment will provide time for our teachers to get up to speed with the new syllabuses in the curriculum, leveraging the new resources and advice to drive great outcomes for students.”

The package is targeting primary school teachers ahead of the new English and mathematics curriculum for Kindergarten to Year 2 students being rolled out in schools from 2022.

“The curriculum has been created by experts and tested with teachers, and it comes with resources, guides and advice all easily accessible through a new online tool,” Ms Mitchell said.

Other support measures include targeted professional learning, quality-assured resources, and teaching and learning advice – for example, sample programs and lesson plans – which are being developed in consultation with teachers.

By 2023, more than 1,350 full-time-equivalent new assistant principals, curriculum and Instruction positions will be supporting 1,755 schools with Preschool to Year 6 enrolments with a focus on literacy and numeracy.

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