DOVES council members share plans for action

The Department’s Technology 4 Learning team has released its latest magazines featuring members of the Minister’s student council.

Image: Student inspired: The latest edition of T4L Kids.

The work of the Minister’s student council has inspired the latest edition of the Technology 4 Learning magazine.

The DOVES (Department of Student Voices in Education and Schools) council has shared its plans for action in the latest issue of T4L Kids, a magazine developed by the Department’s Technology 4 Learning (T4L) team to share the latest about technology and learning.

The council meets twice a term with the NSW Minister for Education to talk about the needs of students in their region. This gives students the opportunity to contribute to inclusive and positive change.

DOVES chair Charli Grant, from Brisbane Water Secondary College, said she was excited for DOVES members to share their insights on issues that impacted students the most.

“DOVES is a student-led council designed by students, for students. We advocate for the 823,000 students around NSW, and the council allows students to connect to one another from all regions across the state, giving us the opportunity to share our voice and make a change for the future generations to come,” she said.

The latest issue of T4L Kids explores exciting tech designed to empower students’ voices if they are passionate about an issue or idea within their community.

This includes tips for students on how to find their passion project, with ideas to help them research and plan, test and evaluate and finally, produce and implement.

The Technology 4 Learning team operates out of the NSW Department of Education’s Information Technology Directorate (ITD).

The team is comprised of innovators, ICT experts, teachers and other specialists to support teachers, students and schools with the best technology and advice, with the aim of creating engaging digital classrooms and informative online resources.

Magazine.T4L is an online magazine designed for use in the classroom and staffroom, and provides an easy snapshot of tech solutions with links to boost digital knowledge. The latest issue investigates new innovations in the lab, with tips on creating a more accessible classroom.

T4L Kids magazine is a self-guided independent learning resource created by teachers for students, and can be used either in class or as a learning from home resource. The magazine aims to provide students with purposeful challenges that engage them in creating content and enhance their problem-solving skills using technology.

Explore how these great resources connect with teaching and learning! You can also check out the complete archive of T4L magazines to read more about innovations in tech.

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