Celebrity chef turns up the heat on student engagement

Justine Schofield sizzled while serving up a lesson in cooking to hospitality students at Kingsgrove North High School. Sophie Lambert reports.

Celebrity chef Justine Schofield hosted a cooking class with students at Kingsgrove North High School.

Vocational inspiration is on the menu for students this week at Kingsgrove North High School who were treated to a live demonstration from one of Australia’s top chefs.

Celebrity chef Justine Schofield visited the students, igniting their passion for their future careers by blending practical industry knowledge with leading insights to enhance their educational experience.

Kingsgrove North High School principal Angelo Stasos said hearing about the professional journeys and wins of prominent figures in industries such as hospitality inspires students and increases the profile of Vocational Education and Training (VET).

"We are thrilled that Justine could visit and share her culinary expertise with the students, boosting their motivation and improving their educational experience," Mr Stasos said.

"Justine's lesson will encourage students to engage in learning by providing a fresh real-life perspective."

Ms Schofield provided students with a captivating one-hour culinary demonstration in the school’s commercial kitchen, which was followed by a Q&A session.

Mr Staso said the culinary treat from role model Ms Schofield inspired both students and staff.

“Justine’s insights provide an opportunity to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and real-world application, equipping students with invaluable up-to-date industry knowledge,” he said.

"As students realise their potential for success, they feel empowered to pursue their aspirations and become more motivated to learn.

“Visits like these also benefit teachers by exposing them to current industry practices and trends. This allows educators to update their own knowledge and teaching methods while preparing students for the workforce.”

A woman cooking as students watch on. A woman cooking as students watch on.
Image: Justine Schofield cooking at Kingsgrove North High School.
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