Birrong boys break Ramadan fast with Iftar feast

Former students helped celebrate Iftar at Birrong Boys High School for the 14th year. Pascal Adolphe reports.

A man speaking into a microphone on stage. A man speaking into a microphone on stage.
Image: A guest addresses students at the Birrong Boys High School Iftar dinner late last month.

Birrong Boys High Principal, Darren Stevens, said events like the annual Iftar diner “shows the depth of character in the school”.

Mr Stevens is proud of his school, where students of Islamic faith have come together to celebrate Ramadan and its key observance of Iftar for the past 14 years.

Iftar is the evening meal of the day for the Islamic faithful that happens at sunset following fasting during the daylight hours.

“At Birrong Boys High School every effort is made to celebrate our diverse community,” Mr Stevens said.

“Our school proudly boasts 44 different language groups, a student population which includes 91 per cent students of Islamic faith who contribute to a harmonious educational setting.

“No matter what faction of Islam they belong to, the boys work in harmony at the school. They all share a prayer space and join together in the celebration of our (Iftar) event.

“We welcomed and acknowledged the range of individuals and organisations who have a significant impact on the lives of the young people in our care.”

This year’s Iftar event at Birrong Boys High on Tuesday 26 March attracted 280 guests, including illustrious ‘old boys’ such as former Bulldogs rugby league star, Hazem El Masri, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest goalkickers in rugby league history scoring the second most points (2418) by any player.

Also present was former professional boxer, Billy Dib, who held the International Boxing Federation Featherweight title from 2011 to 2013 and the International Boxing Association Super-featherweight title in 2008.

“We continue to enjoy the support of organisation such as Human Appeal, Brothers in Need and The Lebanese Muslim Association,” Mr Stevens said.

“Of significance is the support provided to our school by the Bankstown Chamber of Commerce, which contributes significantly to the provision of quality opportunity for our Stage 5 and 6 students.

“The 2024 Iftar event further enhanced our strong relationship with our local school as we were joined by the principals of both Birrong Girls and Punchbowl Boys high schools, Zena Dabaja and Robert Patruno.”

People sitting in a room. People sitting in a room.
Image: Students and guests at Birrong Boys High's Iftar dinner.
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