Triplets try to transform the world

Three sisters dreaming of making a difference have created a platform for young people to share their stories.

Image: Making a difference: Marina, Luiza and Juliana.

Triplet sisters Luiza, Marina and Juliana Knijnik have a vision for their generation to change the world.

The Caringbah High School students created an online magazine, Woke!, after winning a grant from their local council.

The magazine focuses on social justice issues and invites students to write articles on topics that matter to them. The sisters who are about to enter Year 12 have shared their story on Student Voices.

“Since launching we have heard from young people from all walks of life and cultures, about their hopes, fears, passions and world issues,” they said.

“We have been fortunate enough to interview some amazing young people from Australia and across the globe who are changing their communities, countries and even the world.”

The online magazine has published 65 articles to more than 12,000 readers.

But it hasn’t been without its challenges balancing study, sport and social life with the work required to run an online platform.

And sometimes the teenagers feel like some adults aren’t taking them seriously.

“There are so many times when we have been met with scorn, disbelief and unwillingness to help.”

Yet the trio are not deterred as they believe in the power of sharing stories to ignite change in society.

“We want to be the spark that can set the world aflame. Because one person can make a difference, you can make a difference. One voice can start a ripple effect.”

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