Other considerations for sensory

First aid

Giving first aid to a student with sensory sensitivities may be difficult if a student is upset by particular smells or textures. Some students may be upset by blood or bandages, or refuse to have an ice pack or medication. Talk with their parents and support team about how to manage first aid.

Safety drills

Noise-reduction headphones during an emergency drill may help if a student finds the noise of alarms upsetting.


Sometimes when a student is demonstrating behaviours of concern it is because they are feeling stressed by sensory information. Understanding the cause of a student’s behaviour is key.

Refer to the behaviour page for more information on how to reduce behaviour of concern by supporting the student and promoting more appropriate behaviour, and our emotions page for more information about supporting a student with managing their emotions.

Other co-occuring conditions

Students with sensory sensitivities may also be on the autism spectrum, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), blind or low vision or d/Deaf and hard of hearing.

Refer to understanding disability page to help support the student.