Best practice tips for learning and memory

Best practice tips are strategies that have been evaluated in other settings, target a relevant factor (such as a teaching style that lowers student anxiety), or is considered best practice by experts in the field.

Obtain student voice

Check in with students. Some students may need adjustments to the teaching pace, their goals or the level of support given. Access our student voice page for more resources.

Coaching system

Some students may learn skills and strategies better through one-on-one support, such as a dedicated teacher or SLSO that meets with them frequently. Together, identify what works for the student at school and at home. 

Provide a supportive environment

Students might lack confidence and may worry that they will not be able to keep up with other students. Acknowledge efforts and encourage participation. 

Collaborate with parents or carers

Work in partnership with parents or carers to find out the best way to communicate and work with the student. Parents or carers can help you understand a student’s unique strengths and areas they need more help.