Evidence-based strategies for Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

Evidence-based strategies are those that have been evaluated by researchers within school settings, and found to be effective.

Help students to manage their emotions

Sometimes students may be angry or frustrated because they don’t know what to do when they feel stressed, worried or afraid. Encouraging students to name and express their feelings in a safe environment, such as with a teacher, SLSO, Aboriginal SLSO or Aboriginal Education Officer (AEO) can help. 

If a student feels angry or has an emotional outburst, encourage them to recognise what they are feeling, pause, take a breath, and tell themselves to calm down, or use another calming down strategy. Help them to think about why they became emotional once they have calmed down. Access our emotions page.

Encourage students to problem solve

Helping students learn to problem solve can help them persist with school work instead of getting frustrated. For example, help students identify a problem, think of possible solutions, choose the best solution, and think about whether the solution worked. 

When students are learning how to problem solve, giving them appropriate options to choose from may be helpful. Access our problem-solving guide.