School uniforms

Some students with disability may experience more anxiety than other students about changing into their sport or school uniform at school. This may be related to being sensitive to looking different from other students if they have physical disability, through to being sensitive to environments that are noisy and crowded. This story normalises this anxiety and presents some options for students so that they can participate in physical activity. 

You can help a student by reading through the story or providing the story to them. You could point out how the student’s school experience is different and similar to that in the story, and come up with other positive ways to respond.

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School Excellence Framework alignment


Australian Professional Standards for Teachers alignment

Standard 1: Know students and how they learn


Secondary teachers, SLSOs


Stories that incorporate a social narrative can be used to teach students routines and behaviours that are expected in specific settings and situations. In secondary school, some students may experience anxiety about changing into their sport uniform. This resource can be used to support students with options for participating in physical activity.


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