How we buy and how you might be able to sell to us

Selling directly

Suppliers can sell some products to the department directly. There are policies and guidelines in place that govern the supply of these products.

Supplying IT goods and services

The department’s information technology needs are wide and diverse, but all IT purchases are made through a central process.

Tendering for business

Access the NSW eTendering site for current opportunities and further information on tendering for our business.

Small business registration

NSW Government policy requires government agencies to pay small businesses within 30 days of receiving a correctly rendered invoice.

Unsolicited proposals

Learn about how to approach the government with innovative infrastructure or service delivery solutions.

Supplier Communication Guidelines

Department of Education

Existing supply arrangements

Contracts over $150,000 are recorded in the register of government contracts, which can be found on this page and the NSW eTendering website.

Online catalogue guideline

The guideline outlines vendor access requirements and category treatment plans, and options for vendors who have been selected to supply.

Supplying to Education forums

To support Aboriginal businesses and SMEs, the department organises a series of forums to provide information on how to become a successful supplier. The focus for 2020 will be infrastructure, goods and services and information and communication technology.

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