Transition Support Training

Project summary


Transition Support Training is designed for staff who are members of a school’s Career and Transition team or work with at-risk students. This can include Year Advisers, Welfare team members, Support Teachers Transition (Disability), Refugee Support Leaders (multicultural), Senior Leaders and Aboriginal SLSO’s and executive staff. Experienced teachers and departmental staff present information on current best practice programs, local and international research, and how/where to access human and electronic resources. Participants will have a stronger understanding of how to support students’ transition through and from school, resources available and develop a network of contacts to reduce work-based isolation.


  • Strengthen the knowledge and understanding of transition support for a wide range of teachers and support staff.
  • Staff are able to provide advice and support students to make informed transitions through and out of school.
  • Collaborative approach to information and program sharing.
  • Professional learning is provided that has been Quality Assured (QA) by the Department of Education, and contributes to participants’ identified professional learning hours.
  • Professional learning can be delivered virtually to extend the reach across NSW and not disadvantage rural and remote schools.

What will success look like?

  • Professional learning will be well subscribed.
  • Positive feedback from participants.
  • Post learning surveys to indicate participants’ confidence and knowledge levels have increased.
  • Reduced incidents of student disengagement, non-completion of ROSA or HSC, and non-attendance.

How will success be measured?

  • Pre and post training surveys.
  • Feedback from participants after each day’s training (2 days).
  • Additional evidence from schools.

Key project milestones

  • Training dates are determined by the end of Term 2.
  • Training promoted and sessions opened in MyPL by week 5 in Term 3.
  • Training EOI’s received and evaluated by the end of Term 3.
  • Training delivered Term 4.

Project Governance

  • Division: Education and Skills Reform
  • Project executive: Director, Pathways and transitions
  • Project lead: Student Pathways Adviser, Pathways and Transitions business unit
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