Inclusive ICT Procurement

Project summary


New action: Implementation of AS EN 301 549 (Accessibility requirements for the public procurement of ICT products and services) across the Department.

  • All relevant Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) procurements administered by the department’s procurement unit above $150,000 including GST will incorporate accessibility requirements in line with Australian Standard 301 549 and .
  • All DoE staff are aware of and understand the need to ensure that accessibility requirements are met by contracted suppliers for procurements managed by the procurement team for the procurement of ICT services. Improve the way ICT items are procured to meet accessibility standards and requirements.


  • The ICT services and equipment meet the accessibility requirements under the Australian Standards.
  • Procurement staff are able to provide guidance and assistance to business units undertaking the procurement of ICT services to remind them of the requirements to meet accessibility standards when procuring relevant ICT items.

What will success look like?

  • ICT procurement that meets the accessibility requirements.
  • Staff awareness on their responsibility to ensure meeting accessibility requirements when procuring relevant ICT items.

How will success be measured?

  • PMES surveys identify the appropriate level of ICT services and equipment are fit for purpose and meet the accessibility standards.
  • Confirmation from Lead, Disability Employment and Inclusion | People and Culture that enhanced procurement processes adopted by the procurement unit satisfactorily meeting the accessibility requirements needed to be addressed in the procurement of ICT items.

Key project milestones

Phase 1 – Communication

  1. Develop a communication and training plan to meet the awareness objective under this project plan. Responsible Officer: Lead, Disability Employment and Inclusion, People and Culture and R/Procurement Policy Manager.
  2. Endorsement of the communication plan developed by Lead, Disability, and Inclusion, A/Director, Strategic Sourcing, Disability Inclusion Council, and Chief Technology Officer
  3. Approval from the Chief Procurement Officer

Phase 2 - Implementation

  1. Implementation of the communication and training plan as per communication and training plan

Phase 3 – Review Phase

  1. Six monthly review to be undertaken
  2. Survey seeking feedback

Project Governance

  • Division: School Infrastructure NSW
  • Project executive: Group Director - Chief Procurement Officer
  • Project lead: Senior Procurement Officer, Government Initiatives
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