Accessibility Requirements for Leases and Licences

Project summary


School Infrastructure NSE (SINSW) Property team undertakes land acquisition for the purpose of developing new school facilities. The due diligence undertaken for any proposed acquisition includes consideration of land topography and its potential impact on the feasibility of a particular site. This work will continue to be formalised and capture din due diligence reports and assessments.

The SINSW Property team also accepts leases and licences to either occupy corporate office space where typically the landlord enters into a formal lease agreement with Property & Development NSW (PDNSW) / Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) and also there are circumstances where the Department of Education (DoE) licences school space to external parties for example Before and After School Care services.

Accessibility will continue to be fully considered as a formal part of the process.


Accessibility requirements will be considered in early stages of land acquisition or the leasing / licencing of property. Embedding these requirements will ensure final build / leasing outcomes fully consider accessibility requirements and contribute to the goal of providing inclusive spaces for our users.

What will success look like?

All students, staff, visitors and lessees of SINSW premises are considered as part of leasing and licencing process.

How will success be measured?

Improved design outcomes on land acquired by the department, fewer scope changes at later project stages to ensure appropriate access is provided across school sites, accessibility considerations documented as part of leasing or licencing processes.

Key project milestones

  • Consider land topography and accessibility requirements within Due Diligence framework for Land Acquisitions
  • Continue to formalise accessibility requirements when leasing properties, accessibility considerations to be prescribed as part of evaluation and decision- making
  • Continue to regularly assess DoE corporate accommodation principals to ensure accessibility considerations are appropriately captured
  • Accessibility Guidelines / considerations continue to be incorporated into Business Cases to ensure new schools and school upgrades consider accessibility and inclusive design requirements from the outset

Project Governance

  • Division: School Infrastructure
  • Project executive: Executive Director, Infrastructure Planning
  • Project lead: Director, Property
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