Administration of public education

Up until 1866 the government school system was controlled by the Board of National Education. However, from 1867 to April 1880 government schools in NSW were managed by the Council of Education, and from May 1880 by the Department of Education.

Below is the list of regional offices, along with the names of ministers and heads of departments and their periods of office.

Download the full list of ministers (PDF 33.04KB) responsible for education in NSW from 1848 onward.

Download the full list of the heads of departments (PDF 73.17KB) in NSW from 1848 onward.

The movement towards decentralisation of administrative functions in the NSW Department of Education first received serious consideration in 1938, and in 1948 a pilot scheme was introduced in the Murrumbidgee area. The success of the experiment led to the establishment of other regional offices.

Download the list of regional and sub-regional offices (PDF 30.4KB) in NSW from 1948 onward, with details of changes of name where necessary and closing dates.

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