3. What is happening to belonging at my school?

In NSW public schools, sense of belonging is measured via the Tell Them From Me student survey. The department provides access to a number of resources for schools to better understand their sense of belonging data.

Where can I find information?

Information for NSW public schools on Tell Them From Me registration, survey windows, survey options and links to school improvement is available on the department’s Tell Them From Me page.

The department's Tell Them From Me team is available to provide support for schools individually, in targeted groups, or across school networks. Professional Learning opportunities have a strong alignment with The Plan for NSW Public Education and the process of actioning student survey data in relation to the What Works Best and School Excellence frameworks. For further details on the different professional learning opportunities available, please visit the Tell Them From Me training page.

How can I access my school’s data?


Results of several key student survey measures, including sense of belonging, are available to school leaders on the What Works Best Scout report. These are updated after the end of the first survey window each year. More information on these reports can be found on the Scout apps and reports page.

  1. Open Scout (accessible through the Staff Portal).
  2. Search for What Works Best in the search field.
  3. Select Wellbeing on the left side windowpane:
    • Sense of belonging shows in the top chart as the fourth measure.
    • The second chart shows the measure ‘school is a place where I feel like I belong’.
  4. Use the filters on the left of the charts to view charts by calendar year, scholastic year, gender and Aboriginality.

Note: These Scout reports can only be accessed by school leaders.

Image: Example chart from the What works best Scout report.
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