Acknowledging 175 years of public education

This year we are recognising 175 years since the establishment of public schools in NSW with a community-wide celebration of public education.

Join us throughout the year as we learn from our past, celebrate our achievements and embrace the future.

This online hub will be updated to share historical stories, celebrate our accomplishments, provide teaching and learning resources, and more published throughout the year.

Board of National Education in 1848

Founded in 1848, the Board of National Education was formed and tasked with establishing a public education system in NSW. Prior to 1848, schools operated under a denominational system and were the responsibility of churches.

The first public school, Kempsey National School, opened that year and by 1851 more than 37 public schools were in operation in NSW.

Fast-forward to today, more than 2,200 public schools are now operating across the state.

Latest news and stories

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