Why is locking my device even more important now?

Once Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) is enabled later this year, your logon onto your department device will allow most other applications to be opened automatically (i.e. without a further logon prompt):

  • logging onto a device with your username for another staff member or student
  • sharing your device with another person while logged on
  • leaving your device logged on but unattended.

This may expose your personal information to others, or allow them to perform certain actions as though they were you (for example, alter your pay instructions, send an email from your account or modify student records). So while the following rules haven't changed, they are all the more important in this new environment:

  • if sharing a device, log out first so the other user can log on as themselves
  • when leaving a device unattended, log out or 'lock' it if you are coming back soon.

Did you know?

The following shortcuts allow you to lock your screen in 1 step:

  • Windows + L key to lock your Windows device
  • CMD + CTRL + Q keys to lock a Mac device
  • Q + L to lock your Chromebook.

The department's Information Security Policy (PDF, 1556KB) and paragraph 4.8 of the guidelines is particularly relevant.

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