How different users will be affected

Working on a standard department device

The rule: Make sure you log on with your full email address from 24 February for corporate staff and later on for school staff on a department device. Once Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) is enabled at a later date, it will allow you to open the services and apps you usually access without the need for entering your username and password (i.e. your 'credentials') again.


  • The Firefox internet browser does not support Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA), if you choose to use Firefox to access SSO-enabled applications, you will still be prompted for your credentials for each application.
  • An extremely limited number of users in the IT and corporate environments may be using specialised applications which are not capable of being upgraded to the new, 'email address as username'. Those users will be notified separately.

Working on unmanaged devices (for example, BYODs)

Single sign-on will not be available on devices that are not managed by the department, meaning that each service or application you access that currently requires you to log on will continue to require this as a separate step. You will need to use your email address as your username for these services (for example, when you are connecting to Wi-Fi and internet proxy).

Most of the department logon credentials that may have been saved on your personal device will cease to work. This means you will need to re-enter your new credentials (i.e. your email address and current password) to restore access to those services.

You can find easy-to-follow guides to help you manage the change for your specific device at the User Logon Experience webpage.

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