User Logon Experience

The User Logon Experience will change the way you log on to apps and programs. The experience will be delivered under 3 themes.


We will be tightening password security controls and introducing Multi-Factor Authentication within SAP to protect your information and your personal details.

When will these changes take place?

  • 15 April, password security enhancements
  • 24 June, multi-factor authentication


You will only need to use 1 username to sign in - your departmental email address. There will be limited exceptions.

When will you be asked to change your username?

  • 24 February, all corporate employees - complete
  • 6 April, Pilot 1 school staff- complete
  • 18 May, Pilot 2 school staff
  • 22 June, Pilot 3 school staff
  • TBA, all school staff


The experience will mean a reduction in login prompts with the use of single sign-on from a managed device.



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