Getting ready for 3PI

These are the steps you need to take for third-party integration.

  1. Review your school operational readiness using the listed attendance considerations and timetabling considerations.
  2. Confirm that your vendor(s) are live with 3PI. Vendor(s) must ensure their application(s) complies with 3PI standards, through rigorous testing protocols.
  3. Contact your vendor to discuss these steps to connect with 3PI:
    • work through the installation process
    • work through any data management processes
    • agree to any new training requirements.
  4. Complete the onboarding form, giving us permission to connect your school with your nominated vendor, for third-party integration.

    Note: this link only works if you are a principal or deputy principal or relieving in one of these roles.

  5. To add additional products or new vendors, repeat steps 2, 3 and 4.

Important to remember

  • Work closely with your vendor to confirm your data is ready for third-party integration.

  • Some timetable applications may be able to use 3PI for active timetables as well as for planning future timetables.
  • Once connected to 3PI your timetable will be viewable in ebs:central.
  • It is critical that data in Student Administration Systems (SALM) is correct and up to date to avoid issues in third party applications.

  • It is essential that historical attendance data is retained and protected throughout data preparation activities for third-party integration.
  • Suspensions must still be recorded in ebs:central.
  • Third-party attendance data must still be uploaded at least weekly.
  • Schools completed the return of absences collection in semester 1, 2018 on the data collections website.
  • CESE is working to automate the data collection process.
  • Third-party applications must be compliant with DoE attendance register codes.
    • Schools can decide to terminate vendor agreements or contracts as per specified terms and conditions.
    • To action this, log a Remedy incident via EDConnect to request termination of the 3PI data feed.
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