Access management experience

The redesign project seeks to reduce the estimated 33,000 hours spent by principals and delegates on granting access to staff through Access Management Utility.

The project is developing the manage staff access (MSA) and manage my access (MMA) applications that will eventually replace existing management utilities such as Access Management Utility, Staff Management Utility and Educations Management Utility.

These existing tools are deemed inefficient, frustrating to use, and a drain on the staff resources. The new user-centred applications are designed to deliver:

  • simplified self-service access requests
  • one-touch approvals
  • granting of access in just a few clicks.

All of this while the user is on a platform of their choice - mobile, tablet or desktop.

The access management experience falls under a larger body of work to uplift the identity and access management ecosystem.

Access management experience roadmap

The two mobile applications will be introduced in multiple releases.

Manage staff access - Release 1

Manage staff access (MSA) has been available to school principals since December 2019 at the staff portal essentials.

The first release enables principals to:

  • grant, modify and remove access to applications for staff at their site
  • grant access to applications to temporary staff
  • reset staff password.

Manage staff access – Release 2

The second release of the application will enable school principals to:

  • delegate authority to manage staff access to applications
  • modify delegated authority
  • add and remove delegates

The updated version of MSA will be released in May 2020.

Manage staff access app video

Manage my access – Release 1

The first release of the MMA will enable school staff to:

  • request access to individual applications at their site
  • request access to applications at another site
  • request access to teacher and school administration manager role at another site.

MMA application will be available to use from August 2020.

Manage staff access – Release 3

This next update of the application will enable school principals and delegates to:

  • approve or deny requests to access applications
  • approve or deny requests to modify access levels to applications
  • approve or deny access requests to teacher and school administration manager roles.

This MSA update will be released together with the MMA application in August 2020.

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