SketchUp Pro

The department has a state wide agreement to use SketchUp Pro in NSW public schools.
The software is available for both Windows and Mac and can be used in the school on the following school owned computers:

  • School computer lab computers
  • Teachers' computers
  • School laptop/notebook computers

Please note: the department is not licensed to install SketchUp Pro on BYOD or staff owned computers.

The Windows version of the software is available from the eT4L server in your school and is licensed when installed.

Non-eT4L schools will need to log a call with Directories Desktop & Collaboration team via EdConnect for access to the software package.

Students can access the free version of SketchUp Free for home and BYOD use.

Schools have access to the Chrome browser-based SketchUp for Schools through the DoE G Suite (Google Apps for Education) service.

Staff can obtain an Educator Subscription for their personal computers from the Australian distributor

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