Non-school staff

Standard applications

All Microsoft Surface devices come with Windows 10 and a suite of desktop productivity applications, including:

  • Microsoft Office 2016 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Skype for Business
  • Microsoft Office 365 (including OneDrive and OneNote)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based capabilities enable staff to access files from any device anywhere (incuding mobile phones) and encourage PaperLite practices.

G Suite for Education is another online suite of applications provided by the department. It is used predominantly by schools based staff and students, though some non school staff use it when liaising with them. It is accessed online from any device with internet access.

Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite for Education are both available via the Staff Portal.

Personal file storage and collaboration

Save your personal files to storage in the cloud using OneDrive. You can access files saved in OneDrive anytime from anywhere on any device and share them with others for viewing and collaborating. Ideal for when you work away from departmental sites.

Online notebook

OneNote is your online, searchable, sharable notebook that never runs out of pages! You can access it anywhere anytime from any device connected to the internet and contribute to the department's PaperLite initiative.

Additional enterprise licensed applications

You can install other applications provided by the department by launching Software Center (press the Windows key and type 'software center'). Click on the Software Center app and double click on the application you wish to install.

Other applications

If the application you want to use is not listed in the Software Center, you need to log an online request with EDConnect or call them on 1300 32 32 32 to request it. You will need to ensure that your business unit has purchased a license for that application first.

Frequently asked questions

OneDrive is a replacement for home drives with the added advantage of enabling you to share and collaborate with others on your files.

When you want to work from a remotely, you can save files to OneDrive and access them from anywhere.

You might also like to use OneDrive when drafting documents that you want others to collaborate on. You can share the link to your document and work on it together with others (inside and outside of the department) in real time.

Files stored in OneDrive are subject to Government Information Public Access search obligations in the same way as home drives.

OneDrive is not a replacement for TRIM - Records and Content Management System and staff should continue to use TRIM for records and document management.

First, check if you have the application you require in Software Center (press Windows Key and then type Software Center and press Enter).

If it is not displayed there, your business unit will need to provide you with a license for the application. Once you have a license number, please log a call with EDConnect to have the application made available to you in Software Center.

Once the application appears in Software Center, please double click on its icon to install it. We advise you restart your device after installing software to complete the process.

Please note:

  • You cannot purchase upgrades with Microsoft Visio and Project licenses. You need to purchase the full new version outright.
  • If you are a Project Hub user, you may not need to purchase a Microsoft Project Standard license. Please email to confirm requirements.
  • It is the responsibility of the unit purchasing the licenses to maintain a record of licenses purchased and allocated within the unit.
  • Microsoft only sells the latest version licenses for Visio and Project. Staff who purchase these software licenses are allowed to install older version on their computers, if that is their local standard. In this situation you will be able to upgrade to the purchased version without additional cost if local standards change.

If you change your password on Staff Portal while at a department office, we recommend you then restart your device as this will enable the password to sync to Outlook, Skype and OneDrive seamlessly.

If you change your passord on Staff Portal while at home or away from the department's network, you may need to change it manually in Outlook, Skype and OneDrive.

In Outlook, on the status bar (bottom right hand side of window) you will notice a prompt saying 'password needed'. Click on this and enter your new password, click on 'Remember my credentials' and then on 'OK' to save your new password. The status bar should now display 'Connected to Microsoft Exchange'.

In Skype, you will see a yellow bar across the top of the window stating that Skype needs your credentials. Click on 'Enter Your Credentials' and type your email address in the User Name field. Enter your new password, click on Save my password and OK.

Training resources

Download the IT Induction pack (PDF, 2.9MB) for a brief overview on how to log on and use Windows, Skype for Business, OneDrive and OneNote.

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