School Planning and Reporting Online

IT Service name

School Planning and Reporting Online (SPaRO )

IT Service category

Common IT services

Business service category

Manage business

Customer portfolio


IT Service description

An application that supports schools implement the school excellence policy including school planning, self-assessment and annual reporting.

Business owner

Director, high performance

Service owner

Leadership and high performance directorate manages the vendor

User guide

SPaRO quick reference guides for school plans, self-assessment and external validation are available on school planning

Support contact


How service is requested

SPaRO is available through the staff portal. Access is managed by the school principal

EDConnect support hours

Not supported directly by EDConnect

Mandatory maintenance window

Maintenance is undertaken by vendor

Accessing this service

Principals assign access to staff through Access Management Utility (AMU)

Minimum system requirements

Windows OS (7or10), IE 11 Browser

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