CEPS - Casual employee payroll system

IT Service name

CEPS - Casual employee payroll system

IT Service category

Application services

Business service category

Manage business

Customer portfolio

Schools / Non-schools

IT Service description

Payroll for the payment of claims for work done by casual and supply employees. It has the full functionality of a payroll system and includes a module to maintain employee personal and pay-related details database, a pay processing module

Business owner

Director, HR

Service owner

Director, HR systems

Support contact

HR helpdesk

How service is requested

Access to the CEPS platform must be processed through authorisation forms

EDConnect support hours

7:30am - 6:00pm (Weekdays)

Mandatory maintenance window

3rd Sunday of every month

How do you access this service

Compatible web browser

Minimum System Requirements

Browser: Internet Explorer 6 or above / Firefox v2 only
Operating system: Windows 7 and Mac OSX

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