Apple iPad Wifi 128GB

Apple iPad Wifi 128GB
Image: Apple iPad Wifi 128GB

The Apple iPad Wifi 128GB is a simple, easy to use and cost effective teaching and learning solution for any classroom. The Apple iPad Wifi 128GB?s extra storage capacity is great for storing large files such as high definition video. Apple iPads are sleek, robust devices with the ability to run iOS applications and include Apple's retina display technology.

Learning Scenarios:

Photo & Video capture | iOS apps | Robotics | Coding | Web conferencing | G Suite | Office 365 | Adobe iOS apps | Basic CAD & 3D modelling

Benefits and considerations:

NAPLAN Online Capable | Stylus purchased separately | Flexible Learning enabled | STEMShare capable | Printing/eT4L shares may be restricted/unavailable | Unmanaged by DoE | Apple Caching Server recommended for larger iPad fleets | Lightning adaptors may be required | Carry bag not included | 1 Year Consumer warranty

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