Apple Caching Server – Advanced

Apple Caching Server
Image: Apple Caching Server

The Apple Caching Server (ACS) is a Mac computer that sits inside your school and delivers updates directly to Apple devices in the school without using your internet link for every single update.

For schools where BYOD is in place and where students and staff are bringing significant numbers of varied iOS and Mac devices on-site daily, the larger, advanced model is recommended.

Benefits and Considerations

The Apple Caching server will automatically store and deliver app and system updates to all Apple devices at the school, greatly reducing the demand on the school?s Internet link. It saves a significant amount of internet bandwidth, and speeds up installation of Apple app updates and OS updates for all Apple devices in your school.

This Apple Mac Mini is pre-enrolled in the department's MDM solution for new Apple Caching Servers, which provides for a simplified setup process. Refer to for more information.

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