Selecting and managing hardware

The receiving area in the school is responsible for:

  • the management, replacement and security of all devices
  • recording and storing asset data such as make, model and serial numbers

Hardware information

  • Thin Client equipment is not available in the standard devices range.
  • Contact your local IT team to discuss the suitability of devices.
  • Accidental damage can be assessed for repair and a quote provided. Contact the vendor for further information.

  • Warranty information is available in the standard devices catalogue for each device, ensure you check the warranty prior to purchase. Some devices need to be returned to the supplier for repair.
  • Call EDConnect to request a warranty service
  • ‘Dead on Arrivals’ (DOA) and LCD monitors with ‘dead’ pixels have clear guidelines and EDConnect will determine if DOA or warranty issue. Only new devices are accepted as replacements for DOA devices. EDConnect has clear guidelines and will determine if the monitor qualifies for warranty replacement.
  • If the hard drive needs replacement the warranty supplier must load the DoE Standard Operating Environment (SOE) on the new hardware.
  • Accidental damage can be assessed for repair and a quote provided. Contact the vendor for further information.

The vendors provide a recycling service for disposed computer equipment, called ‘Takeback’.

  • Our contracted suppliers will take devices back on a one for one exchange.
  • Quote your original purchase order or invoice number to the vendor to request Takeback.
  • The device needs to be complete with all components intact, including CPU, HDD, RAM, keyboard, mouse and power cables.
  • We suggest you make the request for Takeback when you receive the new device.
  • You need to remove all data and software from the device to ensure privacy of any information and student safety. You can purchase a disk sanitisation service from suppliers as part of the disposal.
  • Any computer equipment can be handed back, it does not have to be the same make, model or type as the new purchase.
  • Please contact the individual supplier for further information.

Suppliers offer special pricing for DoE staff who want to purchase for personal use.

  • Call the supplier of your choice for further information.
  • DoE does not provide support for personally owned equipment.
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