Annual T4L rollout

The annual T4L rollout provides schools with access to a choice of new supported equipment. The process for the rollout commences in Term 3 with deliveries occurring in Term 4.

This includes an annual refresh of schools computer equipment including the DoE standard operating environment. The equitable allocation is based on school enrolments and occurs yearly or two yearly depending on the school size.

Notification is sent to principals of all eligible schools in Term 3 each year.

Email for further information

T4L works across a four-year cyclical period.

Entitlements are based on a school's enrolment numbers. Larger primary and high schools receive an allocation every year. Small schools, schools for specific purposes (SSPs) and Environmental Education Centres (EECs) receive an allocation every second year.

Allocation emails are sent to principals of eligible schools in Term 3 with an announcement made in ITD’s regular newsletter, news.T4L .

For queries regarding your school’s allocation, please email

    The ‘T4L Computer Equipment Rollout (School Order Form)’ is made available in Term 3 each year and is accessed via Staff Portal under ‘My Applications’.

    Principals of eligible schools receive an email outlining the portal opening and closing dates.

    If you wish to augment your T4L order with a discretionary purchase, or make a discretionary purchase outside of the rollout ordering period, it needs to be done as a separate purchase following normal procurement ordering processes.

    The device catalogue includes all equipment available for ordering under the rollout. It is updated every year and made available in Term 3.

    Devices available to order include notebooks, tablets, desktop computers and monitors. If a device is not available under the rollout it can be purchased with discretionary funds following normal procurement ordering processes.

    Please contact your T4L rollout contact if you require advice on what devices to order to best meet your school’s needs.

It is important to plan for your school rollout to ensure you maximise your allocation to best meet the needs of programs and activities in your school. Consider the following questions:

  • How many computers on your network are out of warranty?
  • How many computers have 1 year or less warranty remaining?
  • Are they desktops or laptops?
  • Where are they located?
  • What are they used for and who uses them?
  • Do they need replacing?
  • Should they be replaced with new or existing?

Other questions to consider:

  • What is the function of the existing devices in your school?
  • Where is the best place for the new computers?
  • Do you have sufficient Wi-Fi access in the school?

Answering the above questions will help you make an informed decision about how to best use your allocation.

Please contact your T4L rollout contact if you require advice on what devices to order to best meet your school’s needs and make the most of your school’s allocation.

Delivery of equipment ordered under the rollout commences in Term 4.

A consignment or delivery note for proof of delivery (POD) will need to be signed upon receipt of your equipment. This may be a physical document or an electronic one.

  • Deliveries are directed to the school address only.
  • Products may not be delivered in a single delivery.
  • It is important that you count the boxes and sign only for goods that have been received.
  • Take note of any boxes that are damaged on delivery.
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